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Faculty of Media and Journalism

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences enjoys an intellectual capital of renowned sociologists, chemists, physicists, artists, media specialists, educators, and researchers, who share with students their knowledge, skills, world views and work ethics.

FAS also offers the Official Freshman program for non-Lebanese school graduates. Its Intensive English Language Program serves university applicants whose English entrance exam scores are below Azm University’s entry requirement.

FAS is also home to the General Education courses that students in all programs must complete to acquire knowledge and competencies that promote their holistic development, and to the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Communication. The JMC program is distinguished by its celebrity media and journalism instructors, regionally known for their expertise and professionalism, and by its students’ internships in the industry.

FAS also boasts two English language centers, a Center for Criminal Justice and Security Sector Reform, and a Center for Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages (TASOL)

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