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Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Pending Official Decree)

Faculty Vision

The vision of the Journalism and Media Communication program is to be recognized as one of the best Journalism and Media Communication programs in Lebanon with respect to teaching, research, and professional service.

Faculty Mission

The mission of the Faculty of Journalism and Media communications is to train competent, critical, ethical, media literate and socially responsible journalists who will strive to elevate the state of journalism.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the BA in Journalism and Media communications are expected to:
  • Build an array of professional and technical skills and specialized knowledge within one of the areas of specialization the program covers
  • Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills and write correctly and clearly in forms and styles appropriate for TV and radio journalism
  • Understand principles of freedom of expression and the press, and laws, regulations, and ethical and professional standards that guide, govern and influence the media industry
  • Achieve a high level of media literacy through effectively and critically accessing, analyzing, utilizing, evaluating, and creating media messages
  • Discern the role of media in society and its relationship to politics, business, culture, identity, technology, and other social and global institutions, and critically discuss media theories and their application to local and global issues
  • Design and conduct research, apply data analysis techniques, and evaluate scholarly and professional research in the field of Journalism and Media Communications
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