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Women's Studies Center

Women’s Studies Center


The mission of the Women’s Studies Center is to build a community that embraces diversity and inclusion and to advance gender equality.


The Women’s Studies Center is committed to creating a forum for scholars, activists and students for generating, collecting and communicating information on marginalized and vulnerable women who suffer from right violation, discrimination, illiteracy and domestic violence.


  • Address issues related to women in an academic setting, by conducting research and creating a database on the status of disadvantaged women in Northern Lebanon and other rural areas.
  • Publish a periodical and a semi-annual scholarly journal to educate and raise awareness about the struggles of women, specifically in conservative set-ups.
  • Promote the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge about women through lecture series and an annual conference.
  • Provide concerned authorities with pertinent information in an attempt to affect legislation equitably.
  • Provide the Ministry of Education with information that will allow revision of school textbooks to address existing misogynist narratives.


About Women’s Studies Center

The Women’s Studies Center seeks to act as an intermediary between scholars and activists in order to bring to light vital topics related to women in rural areas, who either do not know how, or are unable to obtain their rights for safety, education and freedom

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