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Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Financial Aid and scholarships will be dedicated to helping students by removing financial barriers for those seeking education opportunities at the University. Given the vested interest of the University in attracting qualified youth in Lebanon and the region, many of which may not have the resources to allow them access to the University, a Financial Aid services becomes crucial. The promotion of access to education will become more feasible through the existence of the Financial Aid Specialist, wherein a streamlined process for processing financial aid and scholarship applications shall be put in place and followed. 

Specific objectives of this Office include providing various forms of resource and financial access to all admitted students who need such accommodation for pursuing their studies at the University. Additionally, full and partial tuition and living expenses scholarships that fully or partly cover living expenses will also be provided to deserving students on a competitive basis.

Consequently, the University has established a wide variety of financial support programs that assist able and qualified students who could not otherwise meet the cost of tuition. These include Need-Based Financial Aid Grants; Merit Scholarships; and Work-Study programs.

Financial Aid Application

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