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About The Azm University Entrepreneurship Center (AUEC)

The AZM University Entrepreneurship Center is a special initiative to motivate and promote entrepreneurship and innovation among university students and the society at large in North Lebanon. The Center shall provide opportunities for students to develop their entrepreneurship skills through participating in various business idea competitions as well as attending related training courses, workshops, local and national seminars, conferences, etc. The Center will also support students who want to become future entrepreneurs in various ways such as mentoring and coaching, as well as connecting them with appropriate business professionals and organizations that support innovation and entrepreneurship on various levels and stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

In addition, the Center will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the practice of entrepreneurship. A number of entrepreneurs and mentors will be affiliated with the Entrepreneurship Center. They provide both career and business mentoring for students, and often participate in entrepreneurship seminars and workshops. They can also be considered as valuable resources for research faculty looking to gain a practical perspective on the topics of their research.

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