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Sarde After Dinner Couple Meet Azm University Students

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In a world full of audio entertainment and information, there are some standout voices that give us unique interesting stories and deep discussions. Mouin Jaber and Medea Azouri, the duo behind the hit podcast "Sarde After Dinner," had the opportunity to share their experiences and insights with students at Azm University on October 23, and explain more about their podcasting journey, guests, equipment, and content.

Mouin Jaber and Medea Azouri, both passionate about storytelling, decided to create "Sarde After Dinner" as a platform to engage with their audience and explore various topics. Their podcast covers a wide range of subjects, from art and culture to personal development and social issues, providing a platform for guests and listeners to share their thoughts, experiences, and stories.


One of the first questions students at Azm University had for Mouin and Medea was about the equipment that they used to record their podcast. They emphasized that starting a podcast doesn't require an expensive equipment. A good-quality microphone and audio recording software are essential, but their key advice was to focus on content and storytelling.


A significant part of "Sarde After Dinner" is the variety of guests they bring on the show. When discussing their guest selection process, Mouin and Medea revealed that their priority is the guest's ability to tell a story. They pointed out that a guest doesn't have to be famous and known, what’s important is the passion and the stories they can share.


Students wanted to know how Mouin and Medea have created a unique identity for their podcast. They emphasized on the importance of staying true to their values and interests. Their accuracy and credibility and commitment to create an interesting and inspiring content are what make "Sarde After Dinner" stand out. While they have a general plan for each episode, they allow natural conversations to flow with their guests.


The conversation with Mouin Jaber and Medea Azouri at Azm University revealed insights into the art of podcasting and the dedication required to build a successful show like "Sarde After Dinner." Their story demonstrates the power of storytelling and the impact of engaging discussions.

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