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API-Kuwait Entrepreneurship Workshop at Azm University

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Azm University took great pride in hosting an entrepreneurship training workshop titled "Your Eye on Your Future: Choices and Alternatives" on January 16, 2024. This event was a crucial component of the national project to promote the culture of entrepreneurship, organized by Dar El Elem Wa Olama in collaboration with the Arab Planning Institute (Kuwait). The workshop commenced with a warm welcome from Mr. Hani Mawlawi, director of the Azm University Entrepreneurship Center, who emphasized the significance of empowering students to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys and helping them develop their entrepreneurial skills.
Then, Dr. Abdelrazzak Karhani, chairman of the Dar Elem Wa Olama, explained that the primary goal of the national project to promote the culture of entrepreneurship is to build the capacity for anyone who has an idea for a small project to develop and invest it in the right way. An exciting announcement was made by Dr. Karhani regarding the launch of a national competition for investable business ideas, for which all students can apply. Selected teams would receive both investment and support to transform their ideas into tangible projects.
The highlight of the workshop was the engaging session led by Dr. Ihab Magableh, advisor and director of the SMEs Center at the Arab Planning Institute (API) in Kuwait. He skillfully presented various post-graduation alternatives for students, including being self-employed or working in the public or private sector. Dr. Magableh also delved into the process of generating business ideas, recognizing opportunities, and utilizing knowledge and skills to evolve those ideas into viable projects.
This workshop was very inspiring to our students and opened their eyes to the realization that their future truly lies "in their hands." Overall, the event not only provided knowledge but also sparked a sense of empowerment, encouraging students to proactively shape their entrepreneurial destinies.

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