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In the opinion of everyone who has worked with Jana Omary, the young Faculty Assistant for Arts & Sciences is so efficient, so knowledgeable, so prescient, that it would be very difficult to think of the University without her. Students would be at a loss, and faculty members would too.

"When I had to assume the position of Acting Dean of Arts & Sciences, I have no idea what would have happened were it not for Jana," says President Ramez Maluf. "It was absolutely reassuring to have her in that position. She knew exactly what to do."

Not only did she take care of routine matters, says Dr. Maluf, but Ms. Omary also knew to suggest instructors for new courses, and followed up with them to make sure their courses aligned with the University mission, that everyone met deadlines, and that students registered for the right courses and received the right advice. "Don't tell anyone, but she was actually the Acting Dean," says Dr. Maluf with a wink.

A 2019 graduate from Azm, in Journalism and Media Communication, Ms. Omary joined her alma mater as an intern in 2020, before becoming a full-time staff member the following year. In addition to her job at the University, Ms. Omary is also a free-lance film critic and journalist, a radio host and social media consultant. 

Her long range plans include moving on to a master's and eventually a doctorate degree in a media related field. However, for the time being, Ms. Omary is totally committed to what she calls the Azm University family. "My job is to make this University a destination for anybody seeking a great education."


With Dr. Maluf now in the President’s office, the current FAS Dean, Dr. Derek Bousé, reports his absolute concurrence with Dr. Maluf’s assessment of Jana Omary’s vital contribution to the daily functioning of the faculty office and its operations.  “There is little I can add to Maluf’s remarks,” he says, “other than say that I too rely heavily on Ms. Omary’s experience, and detailed knowledge of our entire curriculum, and of each of our faculty members.  And by the way, our “Ambassadors Roundtable” series would not exist without her tireless efforts in pulling each session together and making sure they happen as planned.


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