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The following initial tasks are currently underway:
  • Drafting the bylaws for The AZM Center for Criminal Justice and Security Sector Reform;
  • Designating its Board of Advisors, and its staff;
  • Developing specialized criminal justice academic and training programs;
  • Suggesting competent local and international faculty members and trainers;
  • Designating the Editorial Board for the AZM quarterly publication on Criminal Justice in the Arab region and the Islamic World, and its contributors;
  • Preparing to negotiate with Lebanese Ministerial, Law Enforcement and Army leadership to reach agreements on exchange and cooperation;
  • Making contacts with universities, criminal justice research and training institutes and centers in the Arab region and Islamic World, and in the US and Europe to reach exchange agreements;
  • Organizing an initial workshop on the main challenges facing prison reform and improving inmates’ conditions in Lebanon. The workshop will take place in Spring 2020 and will be run by experts in corrections in cooperation with local authorities.
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