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Dean’s message

Dear Students and Members of Our Community,

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the largest at Azm University. FAS serves all the university’s programs with a choice of general education courses in humanities, social sciences, art, science, technology, and soft skills. Its Official Freshman program and Intensive English Language Program prepare incoming students to join the field of study they choose.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Communication is benchmarked against international standards in the field to provide students with quality education and guide them in achieving their program’s learning outcomes. Collaborations with well-established Turkish universities for internships and scholarships in graduate studies mark another step in the program’s internationalization.

This year we are proud to announce two English language centers, the Center for Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages, and the Center for Criminal Justice and Security Sector Reform. The Writing Center provides individualized support to all students in writing reports and assignments, and the Listening and Speaking Center helps improve their English oral communication skills. The Center for Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages attracts individuals who want to learn or improve speaking and writing skills in Arabic for career and social purposes.

The Center for Criminal Justice and Security Sector Reform is directed by Dr. Omar Nashabe, a prominent and nationally acclaimed expert in the field. Fall 2020 will witness important relevant research to be published on our university website.

We set an example in promoting student centered education by implementing active and experiential learning, and in practicing shared leadership through committees for decision making. Our FAS team has made important strides in research manifested in internationally and nationally acclaimed articles and books as well as in media productions. FAS members have more than 60 publications amongst them.

To Azm University students, I say enjoy the positive welcoming culture, and benefit from courses, programs, and faculty who shall guide you as you develop knowledge, attitudes, values, and practical skills that will be useful to you in career and life.

Mona Nabhani, PhD
Dean of Arts and Sciences
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