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Dean’s message

As Lebanon endures a prolonged economic crisis, the need may never have been greater for an educated generation ready to confront the challenges of rebuilding the economy, and of restoring the vibrant social and cultural life for which the country has long been known.  

The Faculty of Media and Journalism walks a line between these two aspirations, although the creativity and passion of our students suggests a tilt toward the latter.  In whatever area of media they eventually enter in pursuit of those passions, Azm University is dedicated to helping them become members of the creative and decision making teams at the top of those trades.  Our faculty and staff are committed to students’ creativity, to their intellectual growth, and to creating opportunities for them to flourish, whether here in Lebanon, or in the world beyond its shores.  

The future for today’s students seems never to have been more uncertain, but this program is here to help students meet the future on their own terms.


Derek Bouse , PhD

Dean of Arts and Sciences

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