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Discrete Element Modeling Of Concrete Structures Under Hard Impact By Ogive-nose Steel Projectiles.

A journal paper and a book chapter were co-authored by Dr. Ahmad Omar, assistant professor at the faculty of architecture and design.

On the first hand, a research paper was published in The European Physical Journal: Selected Topics which is a joint publication of EDP Sciences, Springer Science+Business Media, and the Società Italiana di Fisica. It is one of the well known journals that covers the whole spectrum of pure and applied physics, including related subjects such as Materials Science and Structural Mechanics.

On the other hand, a full chapter was published in the book "Dynamic Damage and Fragmentation" published by the well noted John Wiley and Sons publisher.
This book gathers contributions by eminent researchers in academia and government research laboratories on the latest advances in the understanding of the dynamic process of damage, cracking and fragmentation.

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