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Azm University to Develop Artificial Intelligence Program


Azm University announced today that it will start offering a course in Artificial Intelligence in the next academic year, as a first step toward offering a full certificate in the discipline in 2020-2021. The announcement was made by Dr. Ramez Maluf, president of the university.
“We are very lucky to be able to secure the help of Dr. Anwar El-Homsi, a world authority in the field of Artificial Intelligence, who has made his reputation in the United States, working with that country’s leading companies.” A native of Tripoli, Dr. El-Homsi, has this year established an office in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates, and will be joining the university as an instructor and coordinator of the AI program.
“Today’s world is being redefined through the use of Artificial Intelligence in every single discipline, and it is imperative that our students be involved in this development,” said Dr. Maluf.
In his most recent book on the subject, Dr. El Homsi writes that companies today, and more so in the future, consider data a key company asset, “and it must be mined in continually new and creative ways to drive performance and growth.
” Artificial Intelligence is “the tool that will make sense of all the date generated and apply it to the real world.”
Experts estimate by the year 2040, general artificial intelligence may be developed enough so that a computer program would be able to perform any human intellectual task. Once that level is reached, it is only one step away from computer programs achieving what experts call “artificial superintelligence.” That level of intelligence would be by far superior to human intelligence in practically every field, including creativity, and even in social skills.
The course by Dr. Homsi will be open to students, and to the general public, as part of the university’s Continuing Education Program, said Dr. Maluf. “Dr. Homsi a world authority on the subject, but he is also someone who can talk about the subject in laymen’s terms, making it accessible to the general public. We expect that the course will attract a lot of attention, and we want to make it accessible to our community.”

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