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Get to know our University Gardener Ammo AbdelKarim

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Many of you have seen Abdelkarim Dhaiby at the University garden, but did any of you know that Abdelkarim has been serving the Azm Educational Campus for 13 years?

Abdelkarim Dhaiby, known as “Ammo Abdelkarim”, is 59 years old, has 14 grandchildren, works full time with no days off and with full dedication and passion for the Azm Campus.

Abdelkarim’s gardening is a constant comfort and has deep resonance with his family’s history. Abdelkarim felt a strong connection towards greenery from a very young age. Exploring the gardens and helping his grandfather outdoors raking leaves, mowing grass, and trimming hedges, were the start of his passion. Abdelkarim believes that he absorbed gardening through osmosis.

“At a time when we grew old and lose our dear ones and mentors, the tales remind me of my roots. As I plant my seeds and water the plants, I feel proud to carry on the tradition and wish only that I could tell my grandfather about how I have come to love what he loved,” said Abdelkarim.

Abdelkarim lost his wife at a very young age, yet, gardening provided respite for his sorrows. He worked hard to keep all plants alive, saying, “after the loss of my wife, the garden kept me alive, and it was my duty to keep the plants alive, too”.

Today, he enjoys every minute working in the University garden because “every garden needs to be watered with love, and plants know who is taking care of them.”

The University garden has never looked better, and it is all because of our University Gardener Ammo AbdelKarim Dhaiby. Thank you!
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