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Our students make us proud!

Once again, we are glad to announce that three graduates of Azm University have been granted full master's scholarships in top universities. We are grateful to our students for their hard work and amazing achievements!

Azm university is always ready to support these exceptional students throughout this phase of their academic careers. Very warm congratulations to all!

Dina Sabih:

“My overall experience has been fantastic at AZM University, from the first visit right through to typing this out. I’ve been there nearly 3 years now and it’s been such an amazing experience. Having great opportunities on a small campus was really challenging, but the presence of supportive tutors and lecturers made everything easier, especially during online courses. I’m really so thankful for these three years of career and self-development in such educational community. This pressure and experience made me more aware of my capabilities and gave me the support needed to have a full scholarship at Arizona State University.”

Judy Soufi:

“My journey at Azm university has been quite fruitful and rewarding, since it opened many doors of enviable opportunities for me to get engaged in multiple initiatives and programs, which have boosted my capabilities on a personal level. I’ve also got the chance to build social and professional relationships that helped me get exposed to a wide set of market needs and competencies. Furthermore, Azm university has accomplished its target of granting the best quality education for its students through providing them with absolute, splendid, and unforgettable experiences, memories, and professional techniques.”

Mhamad Asaad:

“My destiny in finance began when I began studying my BA at AZM University in 2016. The three years I spent there were the basis of my successful journey in acquiring the best knowledge and experience. This has paved the way for a Master’s degree in Finance at the American University of Beirut AUB and graduation with distinction. My path was not as easy as anyone thought because this great success came after tiring and difficult days. AZM University was the rope I relied on to get out of the well, but the climb was nearly impossible without believing in myself and my passion for building a flourishing future.”
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