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Azm University’s graduate Mohamad Younes wins first place in an international Architecture competition.

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Azm University’s School of Architecture and Design (ARCHIDES) is celebrating the recent win of its student Mohamad Younes in an international Architecture competition.

“Towards the Metamorphosis of the Landfill: Turning Garbage Dumps into Proactive Parks”
As the project title shows, Mohamad’s project was about sustainable architecture, presenting a new sustainable vision for the built environment. Developing on his Final Year Project, Mohamad prepared for submission his vision for Tripoli's garbage crisis, a truly creative tour de force.

“The submitted project was not any project; it was my Final Year Project at ARCHIDES. I was under the supervision of Dean Jamal Abed during the first semester, and under Ms. Halah Abi Haidar in the second semester. What is sad about this, is the fact this wonderful man, Dean Jamal, did not make it to see this first victory, where a one-year long supervision came to a beautiful finish. Thus, I wanted to honor the success and commemorate this win by dedicating it to his name. The obvious reason why I should dedicate this accomplishment to Dean Jamal's name is for the high caliber education ARCHIDES was operating at the times of his teaching, which resulted in winning this 1rst Prize in an international architecture competition.

I can't thank Dean Jamal enough, for he was always there to nurture my architecture thesis to reach a high scientific level. I therefore attribute all students' success to him. He would always give his best to push his students to reach new extents, and I'm sure he would be very proud to know that each year, an award is given to his name for all the dedication and work ethics he presented at his stronghold ARCHIDES.” – Mohamad Younes, Azm University Graduate
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