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"The Creative Process in Music Composition" By Iyad Kanaan, Composer

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Synopsis of Mr. Iyad Kanaan

Lebanese composer, studied music composition with Professor Guy Habib and graduated from the Lebanese conservatory on 1998 with Diploma in Harmony and western music Theory, under the surveillance of Professor Joseph Fakhry His work is highly regarded in his country were his music is performed by Lebanese oriental and Symphony Orchestras, and conducted by late Dr. Walid GHOLMIEH, Vladimir SIRENKO, Alain Pâris, Manfred MUSAUER, Lubnan BAALBAKI and Garo AVESSIAN. Since 1999 he developed a continuous and fruitful relationship with NDU choir directed by Fr. Khalil Rahme for whom he arranged and composed numerous cantatas and oratorios. His most important work remains Qadmus, a grand Opera in Arabic in 3 acts on Arabic epic script written by Said Akl.

Abstract of the Presentation

The Lecture will highlight the 5 steps that characterize the process of composing music: from melody, to form and development, harmonization, dynamics, and psychology of the work. The end result depends on the degree of artistic importance we want to give to the work: writing a Symphony requests more seriousness than a ballad. But this does not mean that one is more beautiful than the other. But a successful Symphony will have longevity more than a piece for circumstance. .

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