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Students Back on Campus


The holiday season is now behind us and we want to welcome our staff, faculty and students both new and returning students to campus for the Spring Semester. We really hope that each one of you had a peaceful and relaxing break filled with precious moments spent with your loved ones. Now that we're all back on campus, we are all excited about the events and activities that the upcoming spring semester will bring.

Students will be exploring new academic courses and topics this spring, which provide them with new challenges and responsibilities. We want to remind and encourage you to ask your Professors, Deans, Faculty Assistants, and Friends for help when you need.

As we begin the new semester, we also want to update you on the new courses for this semester, which will take effect this Spring.

For the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, “News Reporting and Writing” with Mr. Ralph Doumit.

For the Faculty of Business Administration, “Business Etiquette” with Dr. Nahed Taha

For the Faculty of Architecture and Design, “Introduction to Geographic Information Systems” (GIS) with Dr. Sima El Cheikh.

We feel honored to be going with you on this journey. Welcome back on campus.

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