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The Writing Center at Azm University offers free one-on-one and online consultations and group workshops. The writing consultants will provide feedback and offer strategies to improve students’ writing at every stage, from brainstorming for ideas to polishing final drafts. We also offer assistance in other language-related areas like grammar and conversation practice.

Our goal is to help writers develop their ideas and their writing; there will be no line editing or rewriting of student papers.

Writing consultants will help students identify error patterns and develop strategies to correct these errors, but will never “fix” a paper in ways that raise it to a level of proficiency and fluency beyond what the student can achieve without the assistance of the consultants in the Writing Center.

Our trained consultants will help you to:

  • Brainstorm or decide on a topic
  • Select and organize your ideas
  • Revise multiple drafts
  • Improve your grammar and punctuation
  • Edit research papers in advanced courses
  • Learn to acknowledge sources
  • Improve your English speaking and listening skills

We are located in the computer lab on the 6th Floor in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Consultations begin on the hour every hour starting at 9:00 a.m. To schedule an appointment, kindly use the link below:
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