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Sociology Program / BA in Criminology (Pending Official Decree)


The major in Criminology prepares student to engage knowledgeably and professionally with issues relevant to sociology in general and to the sociology of crime in particular. The main objective of the program is to train students in the conceptual, research, and applied tools of the field, through independent and critical fieldwork. The Criminology program will be closely tied to studies in law, public administration, community development, psychology, peace and conflict studies, social work and sociology. It will also highlight the analysis of crime, the origins and causes of criminal behavior, social control and regulation, and the criminal justice system. The curriculum places emphasis on theory and practice, with a view to current technologies. Students also take courses in the social and natural sciences, as well as in the humanities.
The program cooperates closely with professionals and institutions, public and private that are concerned with community development, rehabilitation, crime detection, and the criminal justice system.


To be recognized as a leading center in the field of Criminology by developing and empowering students in criminal justice, cybercrime education, and the sociology rehabilitation, and prevention of crime.

Program Objectives

The program of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the Department of Sociology aims to:
  • Produce graduates who are highly competent in the field of criminology, criminal justice, crime prevention, law enforcement, correctional administration, and security administration.
  • Provide knowledge about the nature and operation of the criminal justice and its relation to other social structures, and culture.
  • Graduate students who will become effective and efficient leaders, exhibiting a sense of responsibility, accountability, integrity, high moral values, and service to the community through academic excellence.
  • Help enrich and modernize the public and institutional practices associated with the discipline.
  • Instil research consciousness and critical thinking among the students in order to address pressing social problems, including drug addiction, community or domestic violence, and others.

Program Outline

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