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ICDL General

AZM UNIVERSITY is pleased to announce that it is NOW an ACCREDITED TEST CENTER for the world’s leading computer skills certification ICDL, International Computer Driving License.

This would enhance the ability of  students to use a computer effectively, to enjoy an enriched educational experience, and to be better prepared for life, work, and further learning.

Key benefits of ICDL training and certification include:

  • Improve communication and collaboration by using technology to share tasks or join virtual communities;
  • Increase ability to facilitate access to information on the Internet to supplement work/study;
  • Foster creativity in students by using interactive multimedia tools;
  • Engage and motivate students by enabling them to use ICDL skills in learning;
  • Better equip students for life and the workforce;
  • Communicate, connect and interact with others online;
  • Access a range of information and services that can save students time and facilitate their work;
  • Increase learners confidence, motivation and career potential;
  • Attain qualifications at their own pace through distance learning;


To date, all AZMUniversity students are engaged with the ICDL program.


For registration visit our Finance Office at administration building 1st floor

For any
further information, please do not hesitate to contact by

Add your name, your phone number, your enquiry and we would reply to you ASAP.


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