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Faculty of Architecture & Design

Faculty Vision

The Faculty of Architecture and Design (ARCHIDES) is developing an academic environment that is distinguished by being contextually grounded, collaborative, diversified, multidisciplinary and experimental.

Faculty Mission

ARCHIDES is committed to developing a culture of inquiry, discovery, and entrepreneurship, graduating responsible architects/designers that meet the changing needs of the globalized market.

Core Values

Within this broad vision, ARCHIDES carry unwavering belief in the value of design as scholarship. Design –as an adisciplinary skill- is approached as a creative and reflective process that is engaged in scholarly work and inquiry and that contributes to the advancement of knowledge – Architecture & Interior Design being our field of expertize. ARCHIDES course of action in the search for excellence in teaching is set through differentiated learning whereby the Faculty provides a flexible delivery system that is tailored to the varied strength and outlook of the student body in the Faculty.

More specifically, ARCHIDES values:
  • Excellent and accessible higher education. Rooted in the Bauhaus tradition, ARCHIDES motto is: every committed person can become a designer.
  • Sustenance in life and design practice.
  • Craftsmanship and material and technological innovation.
  • Creative and pragmatic design practice propelled by the social and environmental challenges.
  • Critical pedagogy and learning will to cross disciplinary boundaries.
  • Active engagement with the community.
  • Integration of research in undergraduate education.
  • Network with the global research and professional communities for an effective build-up of ARCHIDES capacity to create value on the local and global scenes.
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