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Bridging cultures: Lessons from Japan

As Tripoli is expecting a major regeneration of its rich cultural dimension, lessons from other cultures are as enriching as learning from one's own past experiences: bridging different cultures, distance and time becomes a tool to enrich our own culture.

The 20th century' Bauhaus ideas, and after several visits by its Founders to Japan, turned out to be an intrinsic parts of the traditional Japanese Architecture : this shows that, while the West thought of the modern movement as a discovery and as a new way of life that can shape our life, the Japanese Architecture has embodied from long time ago these "modern" aspects , steaming from a cultural and geographical perspective. This presentation will highlight major aspects of Japanese Aesthetic as embodied in its traditional and contemporary architecture, and how the West has learned rich lessons from the Japanese experience.

The last part of the presentation highlights some case studies of regenerating dormant cultural sites in the context of the middle east, bringing them back to life : what Tripoli has now as an urgent need.
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